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RTOC Applications

Consider this page a resource for all applications/forms you will need to get involved with Rebuilding Together Oakland County.  If you have any questions about the applications, please contact us.


Sponsors Application

Use this application to get more information on Sponsorship levels, and to apply for Sponsorship with RTOC.
 Sponsorship Application RTOC sponsorship download

Volunteer Application

Fill out this form to apply for our Volunteer Service.  We use this form to collect information on your Skills and Interests, and any building materials you can spare so we can place you in the appropriate Community Service Program(s).

Ready to volunteer?  Fill out our online Volunteer Application RTOC Volunteer Application

Homeowner Application

If you are a Low-Income Homeowner in Oakland County in need of assistance, you can apply by filling out our Homeowner Application (* please see requirements below). Rebuilding Together Oakland County has a three-step application process. Step One is to complete and submit the application below to qualify for the home rehabilitation program. If you qualify, you will receive a Step Two application which will ask for supporting documents. Once we have received the Step Two information, you will be contacted by one of our representatives to advise if you may qualify for our program. A follow up home visit will be scheduled to complete the final evaluation. Please feel free to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or (248) 432-6551 if you have any questions.

* Note that general qualifications besides low income are that you must own your home, be current on your mortgage & taxes. We also require homeowners to have homeowners insurance.

 Homeowner Application RTOC sponsorship download


Non Profit Application

If you are a Non Profit Organization in Oakland County that needs rehabiliation services for your facilities, use our Non Profit Application to apply.

Non Profit Application RTOC sponsorship download


How you can help..


  • Making Charitable Donations
  • Volunteering for Home Rehab Projects
  • Tools and Material Donations
  • Committee Involvement
  • Recommend a Home for Rehab

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