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Elderly Oak Park Resident Reaches Out For Help...


Thanks to a recent financial contribution we received; Grace, a soon-to-be 100 year old resident of Oak Park received much needed repairs in her kitchen.

After providing repairs for her back in 2010, she remembered the wonderful help she received from our volunteers and reached out to us for help. The power in her kitchen went out, and with the help of a last minute generous donation, we were able to get her power back on! At the time, we did not have the financial resources to accommodate her needs, and that's when a generous donor stepped up to the plate and made the repairs possible (donor's name to remain anonymous).

Quote from Grace herself:

"I wasn't able to cook or do anything! He came in on Monday and fixed everything and now I am SO happy. This is the best birthday gift I could ever have!"

We are happy to report Grace is back to enjoying her kitchen the way it was meant to be, in a safe and healthy home! Our deepest thanks to the workers and donors involved!

To help homeowners in your community like Grace, become a hero today by contributing a tax-deductible donation, or learn how you can be involved in one of our many community projects.